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Here are some of the miscelaneous things I've written or have provided links to.

I use Flipboard all the time to catch up on the latest news, including technology updates and politics. I never re-post political stories but I try to capture both interesting and technology-centric stories in a pair of Flipboard magazines.

  • Interesting! - Technology is the wave that ripples through society, bringing change, enlightenment, growth and novelty. Sometimes, the future is with us, just ahead, or sometimes further out. As new discoveries, product and ideas emerge, we are shaped by their passage through time. It helps to be alert, to see things coming our way, and to be ready for the potential elation, or occasional disappointment, that may touch us in its wake.
  • Programatica - Programming and architecture cross multiple boundaries - languages, tools, infrastructure, and so much more. This collection of stories is the result of frequent forays into industry updates, announcements and techniques you may find useful.

This section provides links to demo pages, typically for client-side rendering projects that run in the browser.

  • Mesh - This code demonstrates a drawing a mesh from a set of points with a visual effect drawn within triangles.
  • Palettes - This code demonstrates dynamic generation of a set of palettes based on an arbitrary starting color.