On this page: Highlights, Expertise, History, References

  • More than 30 years of development and technical leadership experience.
  • More than 10 years experience with (each) Java and Microsoft stacks.
  • Fluent in modern web, cloud and machine learning technologies.
  • Over 130 book reviews and 75 feature/column articles in print or online.
  • Published in Enterprise, XML Magazine, JavaPro, JDJ, DevWorks, etc.
  • Had regular UI columns in both Java Developer Journal and JavaPro magazines.
  • Founder of LogiCraft Corp., a Canadian software consulting firm with US contracts and AI products.
  • Owner/President Claude Duguay Enterprises, Inc.
  • Experienced leader/manager, influencer and team builder, natural educator/mentor.
  • Broad technical expertise, innovator, problem-solver, multiple-patent author.
  • Effective communicator, author, speaker (15 years broadcasting experience).
SDLC, Architecture, TDD/BDD, CI/CD
Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Waterfall
User Experience, Material Design
Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing
Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, BASIC, C++, Scala, PHP
Eclipse, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code
Java Frameworks
Spring, Spring Boot, JEE, Hibernate, Lucene
Java Build
Ant, Maven, Gradle
SQL Databases
MySQL, Postgress, Oracle
NoSQL Databases
Redis, MongoDB, BigTable
JS Frameworks
Knockout, React, Angular
JS Packaging
WebPack, Require.js, SystemJS
JS Build
Gulp, Grunt
Package Managers
NPM, NuGet, OSGI, Yarn, Chocolatey
Gimp, PhotoShop, Paint
Visio, OmniGraffle, UML
HTML, MS Word, Markdown
Jetty, Tomcat, JBoss/Wildfly, Glassfish, Geronimo, Express, IIS

This is a list of my work history and various accomplishments that typically appear in a resume.

Partner/Architect/Developer - JWC, LLC

JWC, LLC, Kenmore, WA, 2015-2016

  • Partnered with two high-calliber individuals with more experience and expertise in business, sales and marketing for a new venture.
  • Developed prototype and worked through targeted user stories and implementation of a search/indexing solution to finding products in a potentially lucrative emerging market.
  • Architected responsive web-based/mobile hybrid application and iterated through multiple versions before releasing more widely.
  • Worked closely with emerging or established JavaScript frameworks including Knockout.js, React.js, Require.js, etc.
Owner/Architect/Designer - Zartica, Inc.

Zartica, Inc., Kenmore, WA, 2014-2015

  • Worked on self-funded company Zartica.com, selling original computer (algorithmic) artwork online.
  • Developed artistic design tools and a pipeline to automate product creation and deployment to Shopify-hosted e-commerce platform
  • Integrated with printing, social login, and other services and developed all online content, newsletters, etc.
  • Marketing strategy included Google AdWord and Facebook advertising, a presence on each of the popular social media sites, a mailing list of over 1000 registered users, etc.
Developer/Architect/Consultant - Options House, Inc.

Options House, Inc., Kenmore, WA, 2013-2014

  • Hired to help develop online charting solution targeted at online stock and option traders at Options House, Inc.
  • Delivered an architectural review of the company's existing (primarily Java & JavaScript) code based on metrics extracted using continuous integration and code coverage/analysis tools, communicated results using D3.js visualization.
  • Began work on experimental refactoring automation tool based on extending Eclipse IDE support. Developed an almost complete scripted toolset but we mutually decided that the labor cost to develop the automation scripts was not going to be cost-effect.
Principal Architect - Microsoft

Microsoft, Redmond, WA, 2011-2013

  • Asked to join newly formed support division architectural team, responsible for all telephony and online support platforms at Microsoft.
  • Pitched and spearheaded conversion of search services to recently acquired FAST solution, including research, proof-of-concept, training and integration with other Microsoft properties across the organization.
  • Develop a 3 year roadmap for Content, Discovery and Diagnostic services to converge analytic and insight collection, search and knowledge curation.
  • Responsible for architecture on 13 (of about 40) support development teams.
Architect/Consultant/Developer - Microsoft

Microsoft, Kenmore, WA, 2006-2011

  • Hired to work on search technologies, data acquisition, analytics and information retrieval solutions.
  • Named as inventor on 4 (top-level) patents filed by Microsoft (top-level patents have $1M placed in reserve).
  • Developed a differential data collection application that could run both stand-alone and as a Windows Service, complete with scheduling, reporting and highly robust error handling mechanism. Source data included: document, database and web services.
JavaUI.com - Claude Duguay Enterprises, Inc.

Claude Duguay Enterprises, Inc., Kenmore, WA, 2006-2006

  • Productized over 30 components initially published as articles, defined explicit dependencies, and executed on a marketing strategy.
  • Automated end-to-end build process to produce product packaging including optional source, JAR files, documentation, marketing PDFs, and both Applet and stand-alone demos for each component.
  • Developed a complete Portlet 2.0 API-compliant implementation to support improved SOA (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Developed a complete e-commerce solution based on PayPal and Google Checkout, and fully integrated with Google analytics.
Senior Software Architect - Mixxer, Inc.

Mixxer, Inc., Kenmore, WA, 2006-2006

  • Responsible for design and engineering of a rich portal infrastructure in JavaScript using the GWT (Google Web Toolkit, which compiles Java source into JavaScript).
  • Portal supported skin-able, drag-able windows with automated layout adjustment and flexible user customization options.
  • Provided a full, navigable inventory of existing RSS feeds, as well as the ability to add custom feeds to individual user layouts.
Senior (Chief) J2EE Architect - CapitalStream, Inc.

CapitalStream, Inc., Kenmore, WA, 2005-2005

  • Brought in to address a difficult-to-maintain J2EE application for loan-origination software that was central to company's bottom line.
  • Performed dependency-analysis and restructuring to improve layering and separation-of-concern with an OSGi-based component model. Migration plan centered on a small architecture team to retrofit the product over time, without impacting existing release schedules.
  • Wrote a Velocity-to-JSP migration utility that parsed all existing (hundreds of) Velocity templates and mapped them to JSP (with tags), dramatically improving performance in the first few weeks.
Application Architect - PWI/Arcessa, Inc.

PWI/Arcessa, Inc., Seattle, WA, 2003-2005

  • Brought in to support expanding functionality of acquired assets from Arcessa, Inc. for sale in the enterprise market.
  • Improved front-end flexibility, usability, design and performance, evolving new features to address our emerging target market.
  • Developed multiple demos, including indexing over 100 million documents, clustering/visualization and custom UI improvements.
Developer/Architect - Aventail, Inc.

Aventail, Inc., Seattle, WA, 2003-2003

  • Designed/developed file sharing for the Aventail VPN appliance.
  • Based on Apache Struts, the architecture was loosely coupled, driven by APIs, and supported both SMB and standard file system access.
  • Developed an error management strategy based on function permutations and carefully mapped and supported a comprehensive, automated unit test suite for the file access layer and UI feedback.
Developer/Architect - CapitalStream, Inc.

CapitalStream, Inc., Seattle, WA, 2003-2003

  • Development of a transactional, secure, reliable, versioned document storage server based on configurable relational database and/or file system stores (both content and metadata configured separately).
  • Did all primary requirements analysis, specification development, coding, test plan and automated test case development, delivery, documentation, presentations and more.
  • System was designed for use in deployed ASP service environments and future product line, on multiple server platforms.
Chief Architect - Arcessa, Inc.

Arcessa, Inc., Seattle, WA, 2001-2003

  • Worked with the founding team to develop a business plan, acquire funding, and to staff the company with key individuals.
  • Instrumental in the delivery of highly scalable, distributed, document-indexing system.
  • Personal development focus on distributed agent technology for converting document formats to a canonical XML form in a non-intrusive, automated, differential and schedulable application.
VP of Engineering - 360 Powered, Inc.

360 Powered, Inc., Seattle, WA, 1999-2001

  • Lead a team of 50 developers, quality assurance and web development engineers in implementing a scalable, multi-platform distributed search solution with patented bottom-up indexing.
  • Responsible for engineering budget, staffing, schedules, investor and board presentations, architecture, product management, mentoring.
  • Patent co-author for primary 360 Powered search solution claims.
Dev Lead, VP of Technical Services - Atrieva/Driveway, Inc.

Atrieva/Driveway, Inc., Seattle, WA, 1994-1999

  • Lead development for initial Windows proof-of-concept, client/server architecture with dialup capabilities and graphical user interface.
  • Managed accelerated implementation of a Java browser-based file access solution in only three months, starting with C++ programmers and a QA department with no existing Java experience at the time.
  • Delivered multiple versions of our secure, automated, online, Internet backup and retrieval software.
  • Eventually responsible for Driveway's Seattle office, including software development, quality assurance, technical and customer support as well as a few sales, marketing and administrative people.
President/CEO - LogiCraft, Corp.

LogiCraft, Corp., Edmonton, AB, 1988-1994

  • Founded LogiCraft to market practical artificial intelligence solutions and grew it into a profitable consulting company with multiple products and services.
  • Development projects included user interface solutions for Transpower Corporation, New Jersey; software libraries for the Prolog Development Center in Denmark and Atlanta; Case tool reverse-engineering software for Intersolv, Toronto and the State of California, San Francisco.
  • Developed and marketed the Predicate Library, as well as several knowledge engineering tools, including neural network, genetic engineering, object-oriented database and expert system inference engine DLLs for Windows 3.1.
Software Developer - Independent Contractor

Independent Contractor, Edmonton, AB, 1980-1994

  • Learned to program after buying an Apple II+ in 1979. Took to programming like a fish takes to water, reading everything on the topic, spending virtually all my free time in front of a computer.
  • Developed software for small companies, including a simple retail inventory control system, accounting software, and specialty applications, such as locksmith and real estate management software.
  • Served as a Team Borland member on CompuServe, providing support for Turbo C++ and Turbo Prolog online in exchange for free access.


Published Author

Independent, US & Canada, 1988-2015

  • Early engagements included Borland's 'Turbo Technix' and 'PC Techniques', 'Computer Language' and 'AI Expert' magazines. Regular author for the Prolog Society newsletter.
  • Wrote more than 130, primarily Java and XML, book reviews for DevX's JavaZone, Web Builder, EnterpriseZone and JavaPro magazines.
  • Published more than 70 Java articles in Java Developers Journal and JavaPro magazines. Author of Swing component column initially published in JDJ for 10 months as 'The Widget Factory' and then as 'Visual Components' in JavaPro magazine.
  • Wrote many feature articles on topics like Object-Relational mapping, and other server-centric solutions, including one of the first articles on XML-Servlet development.
On-air Personality/Music Director

CKRA-FM, Edmonton, AB, 1979-1994

  • Hosted virtually all timeslots at one time or another (except for morning drive).
  • Became an Edmonton institution by hosting the same nightime show for several years.
  • Helped automate music-programming system and supported transitions to automated continuity, billing and programming.
  • Responsible for developing regular music programming, specials and artist profiles, current information programs, advertising production, live appearances, promotions and entertainment programming.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of collaborating with many great people who've commented favorably on my work.

Claude is an ideal software architect - a sharp individual who quickly sees the big picture, understands the design tradeoffs, and most importantly, is capable of driving the design to a finished product in short delivery cycles. His strong technical leadership, experience and pragmatic insight make him someone I would recommend without hesitation.

Jay Lorenzo, Aventail

I have worked with many sharp people and Claude is the cream of the crop. He approaches problems openly and holistically. He brings a wealth of experience spanning both strategic and technical areas that have been of key value to project teams and business stakeholders. Claude can take direction and run with it, or can simply take the reins and define the direction needed. He does his homework, gains consensus, and has proven to be an effective leader.

Charles Nichols, Microsoft

Claude and I have worked together closely over five years as Architects at Microsoft. He is a rare individual that has such a wide range of capabilities that it is difficult to describe. Having him on your team is like having an additional entire team on the job, including both technical as well as business skill sets. In our work within Microsoft on highly scalable data integration projects, he was instrumental in moving the project forward at each step.

Bill Radcliffe, Microsoft

Claude is an exceptional engineer. He is methodical AND very fast. He is structured AND very creative. He has an exceptional mind and passion for technology AND a unique understanding of the business. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Michael Cockrill, Mixxer

I had the opportunity to work with Claude on some far out experimental search experience prototypes a few years ago and found him inspiring and brilliant. There are those that think big thoughts but produce little and those that produce much but lack the ability to take an idea further. Claude writes the philosophy and the code... that is a rarity.

Richard Zaragoza, Microsoft

At each and every juncture, Claude demonstrated an exceptional balance of technical acuity, business sense, and sound engineering judgment. I have witnessed him architect several new applications, each time meeting or exceeding the design expectations.

Jar Lyons, 360 Powered

I worked for Claude as a development manager, and genuinely miss his insight, clarity of vision, and humor. Under his leadership we did great things. Besides being a great technology manager, he's a great engineer and the finest UI/UX guy I've ever known.

Jerome O'Neil, 360 Powered

Claude Duguay is one of the best software coders I have ever worked with. People describing his work often comment about how clean, concise, and elegant his coding and designs are. It is common for engineers of all levels to seek him out for guidance on design and approach to algorithmic challenges. I have always been able to implicitly trust his estimations on time and cost and consider him to be one of the best of the best.

Patrick Sokolan, Arcessa

Claude impressed me thoroughly, when we worked closely together at Microsoft, with the depth and breadth of his technical knowledge and his uncompromising passion for quality. He is a brilliant architect, capable of articulating solutions in a manner both easy to understand and compelling. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Pankaj Lakhina, Microsoft

Claude is a very capable software developer and software manager. I appreciated his ability to design, develop and deliver a unique client application. He effectively managed a group of developers while simultaneously serving in a technical leadership role for the entire company. I would highly recommend Claude.

Bill Carroll, Atrieva

Claude was perpetually pursuing new technologies in an effort to exploit them for the benefit of our startup. Through research and analysis, he helped direct a near complete re-write of our core application. His insight extended beyond the purely technical, and also contributed to our decision to add API functions to permit cost savings through outsourcing.

A. Gubberman, Atrieva

I was extremely impressed by Claude's ability to break down the functionality he wanted from us into a well thought out progression of deliverables that resulted in good early feedback and realistic deadlines. Claude is an outstanding manager and communicator and the balance he manages to keep between always learning new technology and building systems that 'just work' is very rare indeed.

Stefano Bertolo, CycCorp

I enjoy working with Claude. He has a passion for quality, an eye for the practical, and ear for B.S. He's outspoken, capable, smart, and influential. He's a valuable team member and an even more valuable ally.

Virgil Bourassa, Microsoft

Claude has many strengths; those that stood out to me most were his depth of technical knowledge, his ability to effectively translate this knowledge to large teams with disparate skills/working styles, and his approachability. In extremely high-pressure, tight-timeline, chaotic environments Claude always exuded a sense of friendly calm and control, it was a pleasure reporting to him.

Bill Shaefer, 360 Powered

I've worked with Claude at several companies, and his deep knowledge and skill translated directly to productive development, insightful architecture decisions, and skilled leadership. I can definitely recommend him, and he would be an asset to any company that hires him.

Michael Myers, Atrieva

I have known Claude for four plus years in PQO and its precedent organizations. We have never worked on the same project, but he has been a resource that I have utilized in my architecture, design, and development process. He has provided me with comprehensive and well thought out options, elegant code samples, and links whenever I knocked on his door. He is an extremely well rounded and thorough individual, not only in the technology arena, but also in other disciplines. Curiosity, asking the major questions of what, where, when, who, why, and how, and being an incessant reader are all part of this architectural package. I have no reservation in recommending Claude.

Steve Skalski, Microsoft

Claude was a valued resource for understanding and supporting the backup technology he had help create while at Atrieva/Driveway - he was a go-to resource for everyone in sales, development, and QA. His approach to solving problems and understanding client requirements was reflected in the high quality products he helped bring to market. Claude was great to work with and I'd enjoy working with him again if I had the opportunity.

Jim VanderMeer, Arcessa

I had the pleasure of working with Claude at CapitaStream while he was working as the architect, and lead developer. Claude is smart, and always willing to explain complex systems in detail, exhibiting patience, and a grand ability to train. Claude's work on the product, carried it forward efficiently, where his work still has a positive impact today.

Paul Kuralt, CapitalStream

Claude is very intelligent, extremely knowledgeable in his field, and has an insatiable appetite for learning about the latest technologies through extensive reading.

Greg Brown, Microsoft

I have had the pleasure working with Claude at 2 different companies where he was a coder, manager and architect since 1999. I have seen nothing but dedication and success with all of his projects. He is a visionary in software development, a great leader, and is simply brilliant with a good understanding of highly technical concepts and leverages technology to its fullest. Lastly, his work ethic is second to none and is well respected among his peers. Claude would make a great asset for any team and would be an amazing resource.

Frank Chin, Microsoft

During my 30 years in the software industry and among the hundreds of developers with whom I have worked, Claude is among the very best, brightest, most productive, and from whom I have learned the most. Claude is a monster coder. He created specific features for a 'data collection' system for me related to manageability, user experience, and configuration policy that I needed for system operability. At the same time that he developed these features he was also instrumental in implementing important query parser changes to a search system's front end. Claude's code is extremely well-designed, clean, elegant, and beautiful. Claude is a great software architect. He understands design principals (reflected in his code) and always builds software that is maintainable over time. I had many design discussions with him where I modified my own design based on his key insights. Claude is a strong leader. He sees the big picture and manages people, process, time, and budget to deliver. He has nurtured and mentored many junior programmers and some senior developers. He manages team dynamics consciously and intentionally to deliver results while keeping morale high. I have no reservations at all about recommending Claude.

Mitchell Wyle, Microsoft

Claude is one the brightest and visionary architects which I have had the pleasure of working with. He has deep understanding of the business and technical needs. He has a great personality and fun to work with.