Welcome to the Claude Duguay Enterprises,Inc. web site. You'll find the content based on the following major categories.


The Blog is primarily a running stream-of-conciouness and a set of current articles that cover a variety of topics. I've tried to write both about how this site has evolved (how it was constructed for those who are interested in learning from the process or may just be currious about how somethign was accomplished) and more complete topics that cover specific technologies, solutions and ideas.


The Publications section is an inventory and archive for past content I've published over the years, primarily in print but also on the web for commercial publications. I was especially active at the turn of the millenium with Java and XML publications. Some of that content has disapeared (Fawcette, for example, eventually sold their assets which have not re-surfaced anywhere in archival form on the web).

I've posted the original articles (before they were submitted to editors) so the content is a bit more 'raw', if you will, but demonstrates the quality of the deliverables I handed over to the publisher before they added their own touch. To their credit, good editors fixed typos, grammar and caught problems with clarity of communication or even technical issues on occasion so you will need to bear with the content as-is.

I think that many of the articles are still of value to readers and have done by best to provide all the relevant parts (diagrams, listings, etc.) from my personal archives. I hope find utility in some of the articles or book reviews presented here.


The Work section is dedicated my own career path and related projects, covering the kinds of things you might find on a resume, such as skills, work history and what other's have said about the quality of my work. There are a set of highlights listed at the top of the page, along with highlights from the projects listed in the work history. Finally, many colleagues were kind enough to write flattering things in the way of references.


The Miscelaneous section is dedicated those things that don't fit into the previous categories. This includes links to Flipboard magazines that I currate on Flipboard. You can jump to postings from the summaries this page links to or go directly to the magazines to read things in context. Also, demonstrable code is provided in separate pages, which we link to from the Miscelaneous page.

My name is Claude Duguay. I've operated under Claude Duguay Enterprises, Inc., primarily as a contractor, for over a decade, occasionally taking on employment with organizations that offered something mutually beneficial. Mostly, I've been an independent developer, architect, author. I started writing code when I got my first computer, an Apple II+, in 1979 and never looked back.

More recently, I founded a company called Zartica, Inc. which marketed computer-generated artwork and later joined a triad of partners to work on broader applications. However, most of the work I do centers on a few personal interests, with a set common themes:

  • I used to write a lot for publication and enjoy the act of writing about technical solutions or exploration. I plan to write more on my blog but, as often happens in life, work and family can consume a lot of time. If you're interested in my recentl writing, check out the Blog entries listed on the right, or a full Blog listing. I hope you find something interesting to read about.
  • I tend to be agnostic about client- or server-side development, though I do gravitate toward UX work and had UI columns in both the Java Developers Journal and Java Pro Magazine for several years between 1998 and 2002 or so. You can learn more about my writing on the Publications page.
  • I am fascinated by AI/ML and often revisit the fundamentals, most recently the promise of RBMs (Restricted Boltzman Machines) in deep learning. While I'm interested in higher-level cloud solutions, my primary interestest have centered on the implementation of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Inference Engines, Genetic Algorithms, and the seldom used, though incredibly powerful, Particle Swarm Optimization algorithms. While I've used these solutions in artchitectures I worked on, I do not consider myself a Big Data analyst.
  • I have a love of computer languages and enjoy digging into tokenizers, parsers and semantic analysis solutions. The languages I write code in the most are TypeScript/JavaScript, Java and C#. Over the last few years, I think I've writen more in TypeScript than almost any other language. I'm currious about other languages too. I havent' gotten into Python, though it's important for analytics and I think Scala is fascinating but it remains esoteric and not yet widely adopted.
  • I have a strong background in Search technologies and have co-authored several related patents. I've worked on many search-centric projects some that scaled into billions of documents and structured database records and specialized query support. I love the Lucene engine, and have used it in smaller projects as well. If you're interested in my project/employment background, check out the Work page.

Feel free to reach out if you're currious about anything and check out the blocg entries.

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